Products Overview


We offer two versions of our PortToPort software:

PortToPort Online

  • PortToPort Online provides access to the AtoBviaC Marine Distance Tables over the internet.
  • Our cost effective annual subscriptions are priced based on the number of distance calculations rather than the number of users.
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PortToPort Desktop

  • PortToPort Desktop can be installed on a Windows PC and provides offline access to the AtoBviaC Marine Distance Tables.
  • Annual subscriptions are based on individual computer licences rather than a number of distance calculations.
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AtoBviaC Web Service

The AtoBviaC Web Service allows the Distance Tables to be integrated into other applications. It is available as an annual subscription with pricing based on the number of distance calculations required.

Routing Component

The AtoBviaC Routing Component is a software component, providing offline access to distances and routes from the comprehensive AtoBviaC route network.

Distance Tables Matrices

If your requirement is limited to a relatively small subset of distances between specific ports then a Distance Tables Matrix is likely to suit your needs.


All the Marine Distance Tables products from AtoBviaC include the following features:

and provide a graphical display of:


The Distance Tables are updated and expanded regularly to add new ports and to adjust routes and distances to reflect changes in regulations, IMO Ships' Routeing, non-IMO routing schemes, Notices to Mariners and environmental factors. We issue new releases every two to three months.

The Online Distance Tables are automatically updated to use the latest version of the Distance Tables whenever a new release is made, ensuring that subscribers always have access to current distance data.

Users of our PC based PortToPort software receive updates at no additional cost as part of the annual license fee. Updates are downloaded and installed over the internet.

List of Ports

The list of ports contained in the Tables can be viewed on this website. The list contains the country, port codes and alternative names for each port.

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