Distance Matrices

For those who require a set of distances between a limited number of ports we offer a bespoke service to build distance matrices.

We can only provide distances for existing ‘Distance Table’ ports. These can be identified from our Distance Table Ports list.

In the example image shown below, the distances have been rounded to the nearset 400 miles for illustrative puposes only.


Pricing is dependent on the number of distances provided plus a fee for the time it takes us to prepare the matrix. The charge for the number of distances is the same as for our subscription services. Please contact us for a quote.

As an example, a matrix consisting of distances between 70 selected ports would comprise 4830 distances (70 * 69) and could be obtained by purchasing a subscription for 10000 distances, currently at a cost of GBP 600. This may take an hour for us to prepare, for which we would charge an additional GBP 160. The total charge would therefore be GBP 1240.

Further Details

Please Note

For a given list of ports, a very small percentage of distances may not be available from our route network.

This is typically because the route is uncommon and has not been previously requested. The matrix will contain empty cells for such routes. Where this occurs we can calculate a few individual distances upon request, as required.

Where required we can provide alternative matrices with different routing criteria set, for example four matrices with routing criteria as follows:

The distance calculation block charge will only be incurred once, within reason. With the routing options above the four distances from Port A to Port B would count as only one distance calculation. However the service fee may be higher to prepare matrices with many routing combinations.