AtoBviaC Web Service

Our PortToPort software applications are powered by a “Distance Table Engine” which is available to developers via a Web Service. This allows companies to integrate the Distance Tables into their own in-house applications to provide access to distances, display maps and plot routes according to their own requirements.

The following is not permitted

  1. The downloading and storing of route calculations.
  2. Sharing of route calculations, each one should be used once for a particular vessel and not made available to others.

The Web Service gives the developer the ability to calculate distances between ports whilst specifically requesting the shortest route or a route via the most commonly used routing points and if required total control over all the 185 or so routing points within the Distance Tables. In addition, the ability to scan the resulting route and obtain an analysis of distances to and within Emission Control Areas is included.

With the use of the optional add-on functionality the developer has access to a highly configurable map displaying the route used and to a detailed list of the waypoints enabling the plotting of the route on any chosen map display and with the ability to get access to the distance to any waypoint and thereby calculate the ETA to any relevant location passed en-route.

The web service can be accessed here:

The full web service documentation is available to view here.


Pricing is based on an annual subscription model; users purchase a block of distance calculations that are valid for up to one year, similar to PortToPort Online.

The following optional functionality is available at an additional annual charge:

  • Mapping
  • Routing: Waypoint spacing >= 50 Nm intervals
  • Routing: Waypoint spacing >= 1 Nm intervals

For full details see the Online Store page.