The Company

AtoBviaC, the team which created the Marine Distance Tables, offers a unique mix of expertise comprising software developers, Marine Navigators and specialists in Distance Calculations.

In 2003, AtoBviaC responded to the industry's expressed need for a set of reliable and accurate distance calculations that demonstrated a professionalism and consistency commensurate with its corporate values.

A great many distances needed to be recalculated to take account of new routing and environmental considerations. There were also a large number of new ports and terminals not included in the old version of the Tables.

The distances from the Marine Distance Tables underpin many commercial and operational activities. Operators need the ability to accurately calculate realistic distances taking into account traffic separation schemes, geographic features and man-made obstacles such as oilfields, wind farms etc. These need to be constantly updated to take account of new routing and environmental considerations. Accurate distances provide the starting point for accurate calculations and decision making.

CherSoft Ltd

In 2015 AtoBviaC was acquired by CherSoft Ltd. This merger brings together the strengths of both companies, combining the software innovation and chart delivery capabilities of CherSoft with AtoBviaC’s global customer base and high quality routing data.

AtoBviaC's experienced team have built a highly regarded, market leading business, and we're excited about building on the AtoBviaC product offerings and the excellent level of service their team has been providing.