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Please Note

PortToPort Online and AtoBviaC Web Service - Annual Subscription

Access to PortToPort Online is charged as an annual subscription, with prices based on the number of distance calculations required for the whole year.

Access to the AtoBviaC Web Service is charged in the same way, with additional functionality available as optional extras (see charges below). The same account can be used for both PortToPort Online and the AtoBviaC Web Service.

Please note that Waypoints shown using the "basic" Subscription are for illustration purposes only and are not suitable for passage planning. Consider adding an "Optional Feature" to get a higher Waypoint precission of 50Nm or 1Nm spacing (see options below).

One 'distance calculation' is a distance or route calculated between two ports. A voyage consisting of three ports, in other words two legs, would result in two distance calculations being deducted from your account. Calculating additional routes between the same two ports, for example with different routing options, will not deduct a further 'distance calculation' from your account within a short time period of the original calculation.

PLEASE NOTE : Purchases that are equal or below GBP 250 can only be paid online with a credit card.

Annual Subscription Information Price (GBP per year)
2,000 Distance Calculations (per year) More Info 150.00 Login/Register to Purchase
10,000 Distance Calculations (per year) More Info 600.00 Login/Register to Purchase
50,000 Distance Calculations (per year) More Info 2000.00 Login/Register to Purchase

AtoBviaC Web Service - Optional Features

The AtoBviaC Web Service allows companies to integrate the Distance Tables into their own software applications.

An annual subscription (as detailed above) is required to use the AtoBviaC Web Service. The following features are optional and provide access to additional functionality. These optional charges are annual fees, payable in addition to the 'distance calculations' annual fee.

Feature Information Price (GBP per year)
Web Service Mapping Option More Info 300.00 Login/Register to Purchase
Web Service Mapping Option with Route Waypoints 50 Nm spacing More Info 2000.00 Login/Register to Purchase
Web Service Mapping Option with Route Waypoints 1 Nm spacing More Info 4000.00 Login/Register to Purchase

PortToPort Desktop - Single User Annual Licence

PortToPort Desktop can be installed locally and used without an internet connection.

Item Information Price (GBP per year)
PortToPort Desktop More Info 295.00 Login/Register to Purchase